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Sharks release new desktop app

Another way to get Sharks’ video #content

San Jose Sharks v Phoenix Coyotes

The Sharks announced a partnership with an application called DeskSite today that downloads video content directly to your desktop. The idea being that once the videos are downloaded you can see them offline at any time.

I’ve played around with the app a little and it’s solid, if not flashy. If you’re interested in watching postgame press conferences and interviews, I’d recommend it as an easier way to get the content than going straight to the Sharks’ website. Here’s the catch: No highlights.

At least, there aren’t any in the app now and I’ve seen no mention on either the website or in the press release I received that made mention of it. I assume that has something to do with advertising bucks, but it’s a shame that this tech isn’t being used to make getting highlights easier.

That all being said, it’s at least worth a download to see if it’s something you’ll actually use. I’ve got it set up on my desktop now and it’ll be nice to have quicker access to things like player interviews, particularly when the Sharks are on the road and we don’t have locker room access.

What do you think?