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Fear the Poll: Who’s the Sharks’ MVP at the quarter mark?

We’re 20 games into the season — who’s been the best Shark?

NHL: Chicago Blackhawks at San Jose Sharks
You thought I was gonna spoil my pick, didn’t you?
Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

We’re 20 games into the season, which is enough time for you to decide on a temporary MVP for the Sharks. I just decided it. Seriously though, we’re practically a quarter of the way through the NHL season already. I hardly have to say “small sample size” anymore. It’s liberating.

Anyway, yesterday y’all showed your preference for Justin Braun over David Schlemko while I ironically left Brenden Dillon off the poll completely after caping for him for all these years. What a time to be alive, huh?

I’m limiting this list to guys who have played at least 10 games this season, and I’m sorry but S.J. Sharkie will not be making the list. Need help making your decision? Too bad. You’re on your own. I don’t want to corrupt the vote here.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, if that’s something you’re into. For our Canadian friends: Enjoy the NFL games while at work. For everyone else: I guess you can do that, too.