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Forbes ranks Sharks 13th most valuable NHL franchise


Politicians And IT-Companies Meet For IT Summit Photo by Carsten Koall/Getty Images

Good news, everyone! Forbes ranked the Sharks 13th in their Most Valuable NHL Franchises List! Why is that good news, you ask? I guess a glass-half-full view is it’s nice to see a Sun Belt team in the top half of the league, particularly in a building that’s certainly not brand new.

Does this really mean anything for fans on a day-to-day basis? Probably not! But it seems owner Hasso Plattner is committed to building a winning franchise and the team being worth more money certainly can’t hurt. I don’t think. Right?

Forbes values the team at $470 million. You can see the full breakdown, including how much money they squeeze out of each fan, here. Neat.

The New York Rangers and Montreal Canadiens took the top two spots, if you care, and you can try and navigate through Forbes’ not-so-great website by heading right over here.

Super. Being rich must be awesome.