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Brent Burns didn’t care for the Kings’ pizza

Bibo’s is the way to go, apparently.

San Jose Sharks v Los Angeles Kings Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

I walked up to the small scrum around Brent Burns in the Staples Center visitors locker room and the first thing I heard was in reference to the pizza he was holding in his hands.

“The pizzas not very good, though.”

So, naturally, I asked him if he knew where it was from. He said no, and gestured towards one of the boxes stacked on the table at the center of the room and asked if I knew. The box was of the nondescript variety, offering no clues as to the origin of the mediocre pizza now in the hands of Burns.

I was surprised he didn’t order from a specific restaurant in Los Angeles. There are plenty of good pizza places that would be willing to deliver to Staples Center, but he declined to respond to my not-really-a-question-question about that.

So the follow-up question was pretty easy: Where does he go for pizza in San Jose?


Is it good?

“It’s amazing.”

He wasn’t feeling talkative, which is also how I feel when I’m just trying to shovel pizza into my face and leave the pasty reporters standing around me. Both times that’s happened. Absolutely. So I did some research and the cursory Google search I did revealed Bibo’s NY Pizzeria on Bird Avenue. There’s another on Santa Teresa. I’m not sure which he orders from.

So anyway, I know where i’m going next time I’m in the Bay Area. As best I can tell, there’s no Brent Burns special; but I assume it’s something stacked with meat and cheese and whatever else you eat to grow a beard that ginormous. Mushrooms? Who knows.