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Get a Sharks fan to her first ever game at the Shark Tank

You’ll even get (at least) a sticker out of it.

NHL: New York Islanders at San Jose Sharks Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Hey everyone! As you know, we’re hosting Fear the Fin Night at the Shark Tank on January 14 against the St. Louis Blues. If you didn’t know that ... now you know that. One Sharks fan, Sie, is hoping to go to her first ever game at SAP Center. Since becoming a fan a few years ago, she hasn’t been able to catch the Sharks near her home in the midwest.

Fear the Fin Night seems like an awesome opportunity to have her come out and experience the best atmosphere in the NHL. So here’s the deal: You help her, I give you something in return. Sounds fair, right? We’re looking to raise $300 to cover her airfare and other transportation costs.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s help her out. I’ve seen Fear the Fin’s generosity first hand a bunch of times and I’m hoping we can come through again.