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There’s finally a shark emoji

Praise the shark gods.

After years of suffering through the use of a dolphin emoji, the unicode and shark gods heard our cries. In the new update of iOS (10.2), which you can download now, you can now spam your friends with an emoji befitting your favorite hockey team. The Sharks wasted no time celebrating the inclusion.

BREAKING: The shark emoji has been released!

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Not bad at all. To celebrate, we’ll bring back our emoji lineups tomorrow night against the Toronto Maple Leafs. So make sure you’re following us on Twitter @FearTheFin so you can keep see who we’ve got designated as what emoji.

If you’ve got votes ... go ahead and make them known here. I won’t make any promises, but I’ll check out your thoughts.

This means every Pacific Division team now has an emoji to match with their mascot.

Sharks —

Kings —

Ducks —

Flames —

Oilers — ⚫️

Canucks —

Coyotes —

Golden Knights — ♞