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Timo Power Rankings: Day 10

We’re still doing this, fam.

Ottawa Senators v San Jose Sharks
Pictured: not a goal.
Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

A list of players named Timo that the San Jose Sharks should call up, updated daily (or until one of these guys is actually called up):

  1. Timo Meier. Right now, if Burns, Pavelski, Couture, or Marleau score, the Sharks are in a good position to win. If those four are kept off the score sheet, nobody else currently in the lineup can be counted on to put the puck in the net. There is reason to be optimistic that players like Ward and Donskoi will find their scoring touch. But there are players on the roster that are not ever going to score consistently, so why not see if Meier can add some finish to the lineup?
  2. Timo Pärssinen. Recently retired after a long career in Europe.
  3. Timo Seppa. Hockey Prospectus Editor-in-Chief
  4. Timo Jutila.
  5. Timo Nummelin. Antti Niemi’s father-in-law.
  6. Timo Pielmeier. Was drafted by the Sharks.
  7. Timo Nuñez. Flamenco dancer. Very graceful. No idea if he can skate or shoot, but he sure can move his feet.
  8. Timo Kimmonen. Would be higher on this list, but he’s not a real person.
  9. Timo Helbling. Does he have a diamond-encrusted pendant with his surname on it? If not, he should get one with the “bling” in all caps.
  10. Timo Meier. Or we could all just hope that Haley and Wingles get hot.