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Timo Power Rankings: Day 11

The World is full of Timos, you just have to look

NHL: NHL Draft
“I’ll be there as soon as I can.”
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

A list of players named Timo that the San Jose Sharks should call up, updated daily (at least until one of these guys is actually called up):

  1. Timo Meier. He did not accompany the Sharks on their current road trip Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Chicago, so it is unlikely that we will see Meier make his NHL debut for at least another week. Let’s get in some deep cuts while we wait for him.
  2. Timo Pielmeier. Backstopped ERC Ingolstadt to a 4-3 win over Iserlohn. Fun fact: the German word for “game misconduct” is spieldauerdisziplinarstrafe. In this game, Blair Jones of Iserlohn was given a spieldauerdisziplinarstrafe.
  3. Timo Helbling. His volatile position in the Timo Rankings is due to the tension between the fact that he is playing professionally, but he is a 35 year old stay at home defenseman with minimal offensive upside.
  4. Timo Pärssinen. Of the retired Timos with long and distinguished careers, he retired most recently.
  5. Timo Jutila. Was a better player than Helbling, but has been retired since 1999. Would he be better today?
  6. Timo Nummelin. Apparently, the song sung by supporters of his former club, TPS, references his signature goal celebration, in which he pretended to play a giant violin.
  7. Timo Meier. So nice he makes the list a second time.
  8. Timo Marttinen. Plays center for the Grinders of the Beijing International Ice Hockey League. This is a Chinese Beer League. This season, he has 3 goals and 1 assist in 4 games.
  9. Timo Seppa. I have no idea if he actually plays hockey.
  10. Timo Nuñez. Flamenco dancer. Not a hockey player.
  11. Timo Kimmonen. Not a real person.