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Mike Hoffman checks Logan Couture in back of head

Couture crumpled to the ice, went to the dressing room.

NHL: San Jose Sharks at Toronto Maple Leafs Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Hoffman took a run at Logan Couture and then cross-checked the San Jose alternate captain in the back of the head. Couture crumpled to the ice and needed assistance to go to the Sharks’ locker room where he was evaluated.

Hoffman received a five-minute major penalty and will almost certainly hear from the NHL Department of Player Safety for the hit. Couture dumped Hoffman to the ice not long before Hoffman’s hit, which I imagine played into the Ottawa player’s decision. Nevertheless, that was a filthy hit and should result in a suspension.

The immediate concern, of course, is the health of Couture. No update was immediately given, but we’ll update this post as we’re given more information. We’re hoping for the best.

Patrick Marleau appeared to score on the five-minute major, giving the Sharks a 3-2 lead but the play was challenged by the Senators and called back because the entry was offside. That’s about how the night is going for San Jose.