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Timo Power Rankings: Day 12

12 Timos Drumming

NHL: NHL Draft Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

A list of players named Timo that the San Jose Sharks should call up, updated daily (at least until one of these guys is actually called up):

  1. Timo Meier. As I am writing this, I have no idea how Logan Couture is doing after he took a dirty hit from Mike Hoffman Wednesday night in Ottawa. The Sharks currently only have 13 forwards on their roster, as they are carrying eight defensemen. Hopefully, Couture will be fine and not miss any time, but if he does, it really needs to be Meier that gets the call up.
  2. Timo Meier. The Sharks cannot afford to replace Couture with Nieto. They need somebody who can score. Let’s see if Meier is that guy.
  3. Timo Seppa. Might be able to help find some guys who can score.
  4. Timo Pärssinen. Retired, but he did lead the Finnish in goals and points in 2004.
  5. Timo Nummelin. Scored enough to have a signature celebration
  6. Timo Jutila. Was a defenseman, but put up a good number of points from the blueline
  7. Timo Marttinen. Point per game player in a Chinese beer league.
  8. Timo Helbling. Big mean defenseman, known more for his big hits than any offensive prowess.
  9. Timo Kimmonen. Spoonerism of Kimmo Timonen. Still counts as a Timo.
  10. Timo Pielmeier. The Sharks don’t need a goalie, they don’t even use all of the goalies they have.
  11. Timo Nuñez. Not sure how well Flamenco dancing translates to scoring goals. I’m guess it’s not a complimentary skill.
  12. Timo Häkkinen. Drummer for Finnish metal band Sotajumala. I have no idea if he can play hockey, but he is incredibly coordinated. Also, his beard would fit in perfectly with Thornton and Burns.