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Let’s Go Shopping

Gift ideas for everybody on your shopping list

NHL: San Jose Sharks at Montreal Canadiens
You’ll be the one getting glove taps for giving these sweet gifts.
Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Hanukkah and Christmas are nearly here, and if you are the type of person to leave gift shopping to the last minute, you are probably desperate for gift ideas for at least half of the people on your list. We at Fear the Fin are here to help. Below is a list of ideas for the hard to shop for folks that we all seem to be obliged to exchange gifts with. Whether they are family or friend or frenemy or a name you picked out of a hat at work, the Sharks online store has the perfect gift for everybody—if you know where to look. Remember, there is no such thing as a person who isn’t a hockey fan, only people who don’t yet know they are a fan of this great game.

A person who uses an iPhone 5 while they go hunting: we all know somebody who falls into this category, so you’ll be happy to know the Sharks store has the perfect gift for them. Available in black or white.

Adam Burish’s mom: I’m sure she would love this.

A Canadian who is married to somebody who is American (or just not Canadian): personally, I think this picture of Joe Thornton holding the ugliest trophy in sports is a thing of beauty.

A baby with hockey hair: this brush will help the youngster style their sweet flow.

The fancy dresser who can’t tie a tie: for that person who likes to dress up to attend a hockey game, like they did in the good old days, we suggest these adjustable bow ties. Available in teal or black.

Flagpole owner: nothing goes on a flagpole like a flag!

Somebody who likes to have a flimsy excuse to yell at others: step one, put one of these floor mats in your home or vehicle; step two, yell at anybody who disrespects the logo by stepping on it.

Person with an Irish last name that doesn’t know anything about Ireland: I can’t think of who else would buy this sign.

The absurdist: it’s an ornament for a Christmas tree, in the shape of a high-heeled shoe, with the name and logo of the San Jose Sharks hockey club. Salvador Dali looked at this, and said it made no sense.

Germaphobe with dry skin and chapped lips: here is a great stocking stuffer.

All of these ideas are great and way more personal than something like a jersey.

Good luck and happy holidays.