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The Daily Chum: We’re here to help if you didn’t get what you want for Christmas

Or if you just need to buy yourself a present for no reason.

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If you celebrate Christmas, you probably got all kinds of stuff you didn’t want. You also may have received cash. Or you might not celebrate Christmas, be bored there’s no hockey and need something to do. If so, I’ve got some ideas of what to do with your spare cash. Check out the following Sharks-themed gifts you can buy for yourself — I promise only one of these will benefit me.

Money in La Banque

I love this shirt for so many reasons, but right now it’s timely on top of being gorgeous. Go get it.

Buy it Here

Give Joe the Puck

The original Breaking T shirt, you should pick this one up while it’s available in all sizes.

Buy it Here

San Francisco Fog Horns

This counts and is a freaking good shirt. Have you seen Inside Out yet? You haven’t? Go see it.

Buy it Here

Got any other suggestions? Drop them in the comments.