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Timo Power Rankings: Day 3

Buckle up, we’re driving this one into the ground.

2015 NHL Draft - Portraits Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

A list of players named Timo that the San Jose Sharks should call up, updated daily:

  1. Timo Meier. Sharks need more scoring, and he is lighting up the AHL. Let’s do this already.
  2. Timo Seppa. An off the board choice here, but one that could have a profound impact on the future of the organization. Seppa is an analytics consultant, covering the NHL and NCAA. He is the owner and Editor-in-Chief of Hockey Prospectus, a publication that has seen several former writers move onto jobs with NHL teams. I have no idea if hiring Seppa is in any way feasible, but he is a smart guy, and would be a great addition to the Sharks front office staff. Follow him on Twitter dot com @timoseppa.
  3. Timo Pielmeier. The Sharks seem committed to playing Martin Jones in as many games as possible, so adding a goalie from the DEL is probably not going to have much of an impact on the club.