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NHL Network list ranks Jonathan Quick as 16th best goal of all time


Colorado Avalanche v Los Angeles Kings Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Lists are difficult. Rankings goalies over different generations is very difficult. Stats don’t match up between now and the 1980s as pads have grown, scoring has gone down and I understand that playoff stats take on added value for many writers when compiling “best goalies of all time” lists.

But the list compiled by the NHL Network, which you can see an excerpt of below, is just not very good. It’s easy to cherry pick bad selections here or there, of course, but just ... look at this monstrosity.

There’s a threaded chain here. Corey Crawford is ranked No. 26. Jonathan Quick is ranked No. 16. Marc-Andre Fleury is ranked No. 21. Martin Brodeur is ranked No. 1. Listen, I understand that playoffs matter but the playoff stats that matter should include more than the number of times your name appears on the Stanley Cup.

Do these guys realize that more goes into winning a cup than a goaltender? They know that, right? Runs like Quick’s in 2012 were amazing — that’s an absolute fact. Does that make him the 16th best goalie of all time? Of course it doesn’t He’s not even the 16th best goalie of the past five seasons, let alone of all freaking time.

Quick is 31st in save percentage over the past five regular season amongst goalies with at least 100 games played. He’s seventh since the 2010-11 season in the postseason amongst goalies who have played at least 25 games with a save percentage of .924. Both of those stats come at all strengths.

Thoughts on the list?