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Fear the Fin Night: Now with on-ice photo, chance for penalty box photo opportunity

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It just got ... colder? Wait, let me come up with something better.

St Louis Blues v San Jose Sharks - Game Six Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

I mentioned in yesterday’s gamethread we’d be adding a couple cool things to January 14th’s Fear the Fin Night, so here they are. By purchasing your tickets (using the previous link and the code Fear) you will also get to be part of an on-ice group photo! Additionally, everyone who picks up a ticket has a chance to win a photo opportunity inside the penalty box prior to puck drop.

So, yeah! Pick up your tickets now. I’d love to see you all there.

Original post follows:

Hey everyone! On January 14th, the Sharks and Fear the Fin are teaming up for Fear the Fin Night! San Jose hosts the St. Louis Blues that night for a rematch of the Western Conference Finals the saw the Sharks advance to their first ever Stanley Cup Final.

Buying a ticket by using this link allows you to get a few things:

A ticket to the Sharks-Blues game, obviously

A ticket to the Barracuda-Heat game that precedes it

A custom rally towel with a design made especially for the Fear the Fin night

A chance to meet and hang out with fellow Fear the Fin readers

You don’t have to meet any writers, but I and a few others will be there.

I assume there will be fun.

You can see all the pricing info on the ticket page. There are both upper and lower bowl tickets available for the Sharks game, but from my guesstimation you can get into both games for $50 before fees and the like. That’s a pretty good deal!

In addition to all that stuff, we’ll organize some sort of meet up at a bar/restaurant near the arena in between the Barracuda/Sharks game so y’all can say hey if that’s something you’re into. Oh! And I’ll park myself in the concourse during the intermissions of both games if you want to tell me I’m an idiot in person.

So what are you waiting for? We’d love to see you out there for a night of hockey and embarrassing the Blues (I hope). If you’re a season ticket holder and still want to be a part of the night (or mostly want to get your hands on the sweet rally towel) get in touch with your season ticket representative and they should be able to help you out!

You can post questions below, but the best way to get a quick response from me is through email at Thanks for reading, I hope to see a lot of you there!