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Timo Power Rankings: Day 6

The Timos will continue until morale improves

“Hey guys, we’ll totally still hangout when I get called up. I promise”
San Antonio Rampage

A list of players named Timo that the San Jose Sharks should call up, updated daily (or until one of these guys is actually called up):

  1. Timo Meier. And a partridge in a pear tree.
  2. Timo Seppa. I just realized that they’re not doing the Hockey Prospectus Radio podcast this season. Bummer. This should have been enough to knock him down a spot, but...
  3. Timo Pielmeier. Allowed five goals in his last start.
  4. Timo Jutila. Has an Olympic medal, but it’s only a shameful Bronze.
  5. Timo Nummelin. I wish I understood Finnish, because this video makes him look pretty cool.
  6. Timo Helbing. Big Swiss defenseman was drafted by Nashville in 1999. The Predators traded him to Tampa Bay in 2004 for an 8th round pick, which isn’t even a thing anymore. Who did Nashville select with that 258th overall pick? Pekka Rinne. Helbing bounced between the AHL and NHL for a few season, and signed as a free agent with the Capitals. Washington traded him to Buffalo with Dainus Zubrus for a first round pick in 2007. That pick would be acquired by the Sharks, who then wasted it on Nick Petrecki.