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VIDEO: Ryan Reaves ejected for hit on Matt Tennyson

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He took a five minute major and a game misconduct.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

In a play that was shades of the Maxim Lapierre hit on Dan Boylewhile back, Ryan Reaves laid an exceptionally dirty hit on Matt Tennyson, earning himself a game misconduct. Tennyson had to head to the dressing room as it appeared he was out before he even hit the ice. There's no word on Tennyson's condition, but it should be noted he was able to walk to the room under his own power.

There's not much of a case in Reaves defense here. He lined Tennyson up by the numbers and absolutely drove his head right into the boards. He knew what he was doing and should get a call from the Department of Player Safety for this. So...whether or not he actually does...right. We won't assume anything.

Hopefully Tennyson is okay. The Sharks have already made the Blues pay as Tomas Hertl scored his second of the night about two minutes into the five-minute major penalty.