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Leafs send Dion Phaneuf to Ottawa Senators

That's one Toronto defender the Sharks won't be getting their hands on.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

In a massive trade (quantity, not quality, okay) the Toronto Maple Leafs shipped off captain Dion Phaneuf (and others) to province rival Ottawa for a four-player haul that includes former Shark Milan Michalek.

This is (primarily) a salary dump for the Maple Leafs, who shed some long term money today.

There's also no guarantee any of those three players are long for the center of the hockey universe. If the Leafs can trade Phaneuf, they can find a way to offload these short term contracts, too. With the trade market (maybe) starting to heat up, San Jose can (luckily) count itself out of the running for Phaneuf.

Keep the trades rolling, boys.