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Welcoming new FTF staff members

These bright (young and old) faces will be bringing you great content soon.

NHL: NHL Draft Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

I'm happy to announce we're bringing some new people on board to Fear the Fin as of today. You may have already noticed if you take time out of your day to survey changes to the Fear the Fin masthead, and if that's the case then allow me be the first to fret about your health.

Moving on.

These writers (and one moderator) bring more variety to Fear the Fin, which is great news for those of you sick and tired of reading things I write. Okay, okay, I didn't ask for a show of hands — I get it. I get it. I'm sure you'll get to know each of these new staff members through their work (and you already know the new moderator) but here's a little something about each new member of the team.

maddie_bahr (@maddie_bahr): Maddie writes about prospects, particularly in the NCAA. She graduated from Boston University and still resides in the Boston area. So that should make tonight's game fun for her.

Aaron Polevoi (@aaronpolevoi): Expect to see some recaps and news coverage from Aaron, whose dad has been a season ticket holder since the beginning of the Sharks franchise. He also writes for the SBN WSU blog (

meetyourmako: Bolstering the moderator presence on Fear the Fin, you've probably seen Mako around. The only difference is now he's working for the site, so be cool.\

We'll likely be adding a couple more contributors over the next day or so, and I'll update this post at this time. In the meantime, I'm going to bump the application post down a couple pegs but will still be reading through the ones I receive. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to apply.

Go ahead and welcome these new members to the site. You'll be seeing a lot of them.