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NHL Playoffs 2016: Fear the Fin picks the first round

Because we want you to laugh at us.

Kenny Karst-USA TODAY Sports

With the first round starting on Wednesday we've made our picks for the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs — or whatever we're calling them these days. I assume something brought to us by Honda. We've got contributors in the vertical column and series in the horizontal column. Okay, go wild.

Sharks/Kings Ducks/Predators Blues/Blackhawks Stars/Wild Capitals/Flyers Penguins/Rangers Lightning/Red Wings Panthers/Islanders
jake.sundstrom Kings/6 Ducks/5 Blackhawks/6 Stars/5 Capitals/7 Penguins/4 Lightning/6 Islanders/6
evan.arnold Sharks/7 Ducks/6 Blackhawks/7 Stars/5 Capitals/4 Rangers/7 Lightning/6 Islanders/6
EmilyG Sharks/7 Ducks/5 Blues/7 Stars/5 Flyers/7 Penguins/5 Lightning/6 Panthers/7
Maddie_Bahr Sharks/6 Ducks/7 Blackhawks/6 Stars/5 Capitals/4 Penguins/7 Lightning/7 Panthers/6
Aaron Polevoi Kings/6 Ducks/7 Blackhawks/6 Stars/5 Capitals/4 Rangers/7 Red Wings/6 Islanders/5
dfinhockey Sharks/5 Ducks/6 Blues/7 Stars/5 Capitals/6 Penguins/6 Lightning/6 Islanders/7
Richard Iurilli Sharks/5 Ducks/6 Blues/6 Stars/5 Capitals/7 Rangers/7 Lightning/5 Panthers/6
Sam Blazer Kings/6 Ducks/7 Blues/7 Stars/5 Capitals/6 Penguins/5 Red Wings/7 Panthers/6
Marcus White Sharks/7 Ducks/6 Blackhawks/6 Stars/5 Capitals/5 Penguins/7 Lightning/6 Panthers/7

Some Fun Stats:

  • If Dallas doesn't win in five games, we're all going to look very silly.
  • Aaron, Sam and I are the only ones brave awful enough to pick the Kings in the first round.
  • We all agree the Ducks are winning in the first round. We're less sure about how long it'll take.
  • Only four sweeps were predicted — and three of them went against the Flyers.
  • Blackhawks/Blues and Islanders/Panthers were the most divisive series.
  • 20 seven-game series were predicted. Blues-Blackhawks and Rangers-Penguins are the staff favorites to go seven.