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Fear the Fin picks the 2016 Stanley Cup Final

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Here goes nothing.

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After weeks of mediocre picks, we've finally reached the final round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The Sharks take on the Penguins, as you well know, starting on Monday and the Fear the Fin staff is back in action to pick the last round of the second season. Before we get to our new picks, let's see how the staff did in the conference finals.

Sharks/Blues Penguins/Lightning
jake.sundstrom Sharks/7 Penguins/5
evan.arnold Sharks/7 Lightning/6
EmilyG Sharks/6 Penguins/5
Maddie_Bahr Sharks/7 Lightning/6
Aaron Polevoi Sharks/6 Penguins/7
dfinhockey Sharks/7 Penguins/5
Richard Iurilli Sharks/6 Lightning/6
Marcus White Sharks/6 Penguins/6
Sam Blazer Sharks/7 Penguins/6
Rebecca Friedman Sharks/7 Penguins/6

Not too shabby! Let's take a look at the leaderboard. For the first round I awarded 10 points for each correct pick with a bonus five points for picking the number of games correctly. The five point bonus stays the same through every round, but second round picks are worth 20 points and third round picks are good for 30 points. Picking the Stanley Cup Final correctly gets you 40 points. Reminder that I didn't get Sam's picks in time for round two nor Rebecca's picks until this round, so take it easy on them.

First Round Second Round Third Round Fourth Round Total
dfinhockey 85 40 60 185
jake.sundstrom 55 65 60 180
EmilyG 60 40 65 165
Marcus White 50 40 65 155
Aaron Polevoi 30 45 70 145
Richard Iurilli 60 40 35 135
evan.arnold 55 40 30 125
Maddie_Bahr 50 40 30 120
Sam Blazer 55 0 60 115
Rebecca Friedman 0 0 60 0 60

Now let's check our Fear the Fin bracket group.

FloatingBoat picked every round correctly with the exception of taking the Ducks over the Predators in the first round. That's pretty damn incredible. If the Sharks win the Stanley Cup, they'll be our champion. If not, there's still a few Penguins picks that could pop someone to the top of the standings. I think I speak for those bracket holders when I say: It's fine if the Penguins lose.

So now, finally, here are our staff picks for the 2016 Stanley Cup Final.

jake.sundstrom Sharks/7
evan.arnold Sharks/6
EmilyG Sharks/7
Maddie_Bahr Sharks/6
Aaron Polevoi Sharks/6
dfinhockey Penguins/6
Richard Iurilli Sharks/6
Marcus White Sharks/7
Sam Blazer Sharks/6
Rebecca Friedman Sharks/6