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2016 Stanley Cup Final: Joe Thornton waxes poetic about his beard

NHL: Stanley Cup Final-Media Day Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

It's media day in Pittsburgh and Joe Thornton dished some details about the frightening amount of hair attached to his face. You can read all the pertinent details at the Sporting News, doing god's work by asking the important questions, and check out a couple excerpts below.

On his beard's mentors:

“Burnsie, he really actually helps me. He gets me all the oils, the combs," Thornton said. "In the morning you get up, you gotta oil a little bit, comb it a little bit, and then at night, you’ve got to take care of it. ... It looks pretty but it's hard work."

On how the family is taking it:

Thornton is 1-for-2 where it counts: "Well, my young lady loves it. My five-year-old loves it. But my -- I don’t think she wants me to tell how old she is, she hates it."

Thornton's beard is, for my money, the best on the Sharks. I know Brent Burns gets all the press, but both the coloration and the grooming that goes into Thornton's beard makes it top class for me.