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Sharks vs. Penguins, Stanley Cup Final Game 2: Three keys for San Jose

NHL: Stanley Cup Final-San Jose Sharks at Pittsburgh Penguins Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

After falling in game one 3-2 to the Penguins, the Sharks look to get back into the series on Wednesday night. Let's take a look at what San Jose needs to do in game two in order to tie this series up.

1. Get off to a better start

I know, riveting, but the Sharks need to actually play all 60 minutes if they want to hang with a speedy Pittsburgh team. They know this, we know this and...well, we'll probably get an idea of how game two will go based on how San Jose gets game two going.

2. Stay out of the penalty box

San Jose did an okay job of this in game two, and quite frankly the Pittsburgh power play isn't anything to get worked up about. That being said, the Sharks need all the time they can get to attack the Penguins at even strength. So, you know, don't accidentally hit anyone's head with your back, Patrick Marleau.

3. Keep up the pressure for 60 minutes

San Jose might not out-possess the Penguins in this series, but if the Sharks can hang with Pittsburgh's speed, they'll have a shot. They'll need to trade blows with the Penguins all through this series in both shots and goals to keep up. know...please play the whole game. Please.