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Looking at how the Sharks ended up with their 2016 draft picks

We miss you, daddy.

Dallas Stars v New Jersey Devils Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

We’ll be taking a look at 10 prospects slated to go around the Sharks top pick (No. 60), but I thought we should take stock of what San Jose has and where all those picks came from (and went, for that matter). We all know that Martin Jones replaced the Sharks first round pick (No. 29 pick now) but what about everything else?

Taking a look at the excellent General Fanager, we can see exactly what the Sharks are dealing with. Their highest pick, No. 60, is their own, duh. From there, San Jose has no third round pick because they traded it to the Dallas Stars with Jason Demers for Brenden Dillon. I know. It’s okay, calm down. Remember: Daddy is a free agent this year.

The good news is that the Sharks have two fourth round picks. They have their own pick in addition to the New York Rangers’ fourth rounder. San Jose got that pick from the James Sheppard deal, which former editor Jon Wold is still not over.

From there, the Sharks have their fifth, sixth and seventh round picks. Looking ahead to 2017, San Jose still has its first round pick, two third round picks and a pair of seventh round picks. The Sharks have just five picks in the 2018 draft as they traded away their second and third round picks.

There’s still a fine chance that the Sharks make some moves ahead of the draft on June 24-25, but for now San Jose has six picks to work with. With the Sharks’ window with this core getting close to closing, it’s possible Doug Wilson makes some moves to win now during the upcoming draft.