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Brent Burns plans to tour the country in an RV this offseason

2016 NHL Awards Nominees Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The Sharks’ offseason is short this year, but that’s not stopping Brent Burns from hitting the road for a family vacation. Or, that’s what he told Erin Heatherton during the 2016 NHL Awards:

“It’s a short offseason, so we’ll be living out of the RV a little bit and exploring the country.”

I think we all know where Burns’ final destination will be: Florida! You know, the only place in America where animals get a hunting license to come after you! Also home to, I assume, the most terrifying collection of snakes and reptiles in North America. Burns, a budding herptologist, is almost certainly into it.

Bring the Go Pro buddy and don’t get eaten by alligators. Please. Honestly, maybe just stay inside the RV and go somewhere safer. Like Kansas or Montana ... something far away from apex predators.

Burns is up for the Norris Trophy tonight. So cross your fingers.