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The Daily Chum: Introducing our newest series

Sergei Makarov

Free agency looms just ahead of us as the final signpost before the offseason truly begins and boredom seeps in. In an effort to save us from said boredom, I’m starting a new series on Fear the Fin. The Daily Chum revives an old name and slaps it on to new, piping hot content. My agent says this is a “rebrand” and that it’s very hip now.

The basic idea is this: There are going to be days when nothing happens this offseason. That doesn’t mean there won’t be anything to talk about, though. In the Daily Chum I’ll put together something, sometimes something small like an interesting photo or video, to give you a daily hockey fix. Other times it’ll be an in-depth look at a particular player or game in Sharks history or a column on the state of the game. I’m not setting much in the way of boundaries for this as a bit of self care for myself.

During the season this post will replace The Morning After posts. My agent says naming something after a post-sex contraceptive was a pretty stupid idea. I should listen to her more. On non-gamedays this series will function much the same way it will during the offseason.

My hope is that for at least five minutes a day you’ll have a place to think and talk about hockey with the rest of us bored-as-hell losers. The comments will serve as open discussion space for whatever you want. Yes, that includes photos, GIFs and whatever the new non-text method of communication ends up being.

Welcome to The Daily Chum. Won’t you stay awhile?

Revisiting Sergei Makarov’s time with the Sharks

The Hockey Hall of Fame announced Sergei Makarov’s induction yesterday. Makarov, a San Jose Shark from 1993-95, scored 92 points while wearing teal. That makes him 41st in points on the all-time franchise list.

While Makarov’s time with the Sharks was brief and came early in the franchise’s history, it also came with a pair of playoff appearances. He played in 25 playoff games with the Sharks and scored 16 points, including eight goals in San Jose’s 14-game playoff run in 1994.

Makarov was the first Shark to score 30 goals in a season and he played on the San Jose squad that upset the Detroit Red Wings in 1994. To that end, here’s one of the greatest postseason goals in Sharks history — a two-on-one with Igor Larionov and Makarov.

The quality of the video isn’t anything to write home about, but this beautiful goal capped a magnificent comeback for the Sharks. The Red Wings looked poised to take a 3-1 series lead after Arturs Irbe’s infamous turnover gave Detroit a 3-1 lead in the game. But the Sharks rallied behind their goaltender and took the game and ... well, you know how this series turned out.

If you don’t, or, like me, were too young to remember it (I was two when this series took place) I highly recommend spending some time going through this series. It’s four parts and, while certainly a bit dated, gives a great sense of what that first trip to the Stanley Cup Playoffs was like for Team Teal.

Makarov only played seven years in the NHL as he came into the league when he was 31 years old. He spent his 35 and 36 year old seasons with the Sharks and provided some much needed offense. During his time in the NHL, Makarov scored 384 points in 424 games and now he joins the Hockey Hall of Fame as a two-time gold medalist.

Makarov’s skating ability, stickhandling and shooting acumen made him one of the premier offensive talents to ever play the game. His best years were spent in Russia, but even “past his prime” the Russian was one of the NHL’s top scoring threats.