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NHL Free Agency 2016: Who should the Sharks get to back up Martin Jones?

NHL: Preseason-San Jose Sharks at Vancouver Canucks Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

In the last of our three-post NHL Free Agency series, I take a look at a handful of the Sharks backup goaltender options. I’ve included their 5v5 save percentage over the past three years and their previous contract. Unfortunately we don’t have quite the visual aid for goalies that we do for skaters, but we’ll make do with what we have.

You can catch up by reading our pieces on available forwards and defenders.

Aaron Dell

Age: 26

Previous contract: 1yr, $575,000

Three-year 5v5 save percentage: N/A (.924 AHL save percentage at all strengths in 66 games with the Worcester Sharks/San Jose Barracuda)

The Case: The organization is already familiar with Dell and should be able to sign him for cheap. He has yet to play an NHL game, which may be a bit of a concern, but his solid AHL numbers bode well.

James Reimer

Age: 27

Previous contract: 2yrs, $2.3 million

Three-year 5v5 save percentage: .9252 in 111 games (4490.01 TOI)

The Case: Reimer is a good goalie and is the best option for the Sharks if he’s willing to come back ... so long as it’s at back-up money. If San Jose manages to get Reimer, it will be because he doesn’t like the offers he’s getting elsewhere. That would be a nice break for the Sharks.

Jhonas Enroth

Age: 27

Previous contract: 1yr, $1.25 million

Three-year 5v5 save percentage: .9224 in 94 games (4147.54 TOI)

The Case: Enroth has proven to be a solid back up goalie and if he doesn’t return to the Kings he’d be a nice pick up. The side benefit to signing Enroth? The Sharks can stop playing against him. That sounds good to me.

Chad Johnson

Age: 29

Previous contract: 2yrs, $1.3 million

Three-year 5v5 save percentage: .9226 in 91 games (4034.36 TOI)

The Case: He has a little more experience than some of the other goalies on this list, but essentially will provide the same value as someone like Enroth. The Sharks could do worse than Johnson.

Al Montoya

Age: 30

Previous contract: 2yrs, $1.05 million

Three-year 5v5 save percentage: .9174 in 73 games (3010.18 TOI)

The Case: you couldn’t sign any of the other guys on this list, huh? Well. Okay, I mean I guess this is fine. No, it’s fine. Yeah. I’m not mad, I’m fine with this.

Carter Hutton

Age: 30

Previous contract: 2yrs, $725,000

Three-year 5v5 save percentage: .9166 in 75 games (3181.96 TOI)

The Case: Other than #BringHuttonHome, there’s really not much reason to sign him. Again, unless you failed to sign anyone else on this list.

Anybody I left off that you’d like the Sharks to take a look at?