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Patrick Marleau’s family adopted Jo Pawvelski

Life is good.

We’ve got some good news to share on the Jo Pawvelski front. In case you’d forgotten, a small black cat found its way onto the SAP Center ice prior to a playoff game against the Nashville Predators. The cat, eventually named Jo Pawvelski, provided a fairly long streak of good luck to the Sharks.

While we knew Jo had been adopted, we didn’t know by whom. Until today. It appears that the Marleaus took in Jo Pawvelski — at least, according to this picture Christina Marleau posted on Twitter.

In case there was any doubt that this is the same cat...well, we’ll let Christina take it from here.

When we first found out that she would be put up for adoption, I hoped a player would take her in. She’s found a good home with the Marleaus. Just look at Patty, he’s a cat guy. I can tell. We’ll forgive the slight rename (should have gone with Cattrick Marleau IMO).