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Stanley Cup Final 2016: Sharks giving away great rally towel for game three

If you're heading to SAP Center for the first ever Stanley Cup Final game in San Jose history — awesome! I'm envious of this opportunity. As if it wasn't cool enough that you'll get to see the Sharks try to pick up their first ever win in the Final, you'll also find some sweet swag on your seat.

Tomorrow, for the first time in history, the Tank will get to show off what #StanleyCup Final loud sounds like.

A video posted by San Jose Sharks (@sanjosesharks) on

Sharknado may be a truly terrible movie, but maybe this is exactly what the Sharks need to get back into this series. If this doesn't work, I'm happy to lead the charge to bring Jo Paw-velski to game four. Alternatively we could start asking Lil B for some positive vibes.

Any other good luck charms are appreciated — oh, and if you see someone wearing a Black Armor jersey at tomorrow's the right thing and buy them a teal one, okay? That is, if you have any cash left after shelling out for your game three tickets, of course.