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The Daily Chum: Looking back at Doug Wilson’s free agent signings

2009 NHL Entry Draft, Rounds 2-7 Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

NHL free agency begins at 9 a.m. PT today — maybe it’s already started depending on when you’re reading this. Doug Wilson, historically, isn’t all that involved in the mad dash to sign players that signals the beginning of the hockey offseason, but that could change give the cap space he has to work with this year.

In celebration of the start of free agency, let’s take a look back at Wilson’s free agent signings over the years. This should be fun.

That list (should) have every player Wilson signed in free agency since he became the general manager back in 2003. So, it doesn’t include players who were drafted and signed to entry level deals, nor does it include extensions. It (should) have all the undrafted free agents Wilson has signed, though.

I compiled the list using data from Pro Sports Transactions (I linked to my search there) and then spent a very long time parsing out and deleting the stuff I didn’t want. Hopefully you’ll find this interesting because otherwise I wasted a lot of time doing something only I think is useful.

If you find anyone missing, or someone on the list that doesn’t belong, let me know! This is a living document, so I want it to be as comprehensive as possible.

At some point I’ll dive back into this to add things like terms of the contract, games played after the contract was signed and the like to the list. For now, how about letting me know what you think the best Sharks free agent signing is in the Wilson era, as well as the worst.

Oh, and I guess we can talk about all of today’s action here, too.