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George McPhee named general manager of Las Vegas NHL team

The Team Which Shall Not Be Named has a GM!

2012 NHL Entry Draft - Round One

The Las Vegas [insert name here]’s have their general manager. Bill Foley named veteran GM George McPhee the expansion club’s first general manager on Wednesday, setting up what should be an interesting year and change in the NHL.

McPhee spent what seems like a lifetime in Washington as the general manager of the Capitals before getting the boot after the 2014 season. He spent a year working with the New York Islanders before accepting the position with Las Vegas.

It’s no surprise to see Las Vegas go after an experienced general manager right out of the gate. There will be a lot of interesting decisions for McPhee to make as he puts together the first iteration of this team and I imagine Foley wanted someone who had been there before to do it.

We’re still waiting on a name for the Las Vegas team, which will likely come some time this fall based on previous comments from Foley. My guess is the team waits until midway through the upcoming season to commit to a coach — you never know who’s going to get fired.

I hope McPhee changed his phone number since he was general manager of the Capitals because Doug Wilson has already tried to call him half a dozen times.