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The Daily Chum: Rank the Sharks top 25 players under 25

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

With our season in review series set to end in the next week or so, we’re already gearing up for our 25 under 25 list. While trying to trim down the list of players under 25 in the San Jose Sharks system I thought it might be fun to put the power in the people’s hands for this one.

Below is a Ranker list comprising the eligible players in the Sharks’ system. Here’s how it works: Until Monday you can up or down-vote the players on the list. The players in the top 25 when voting closes will make up our list and we’ll run through them in reverse order (from 25 to 1).

As with every other Daily Chum post, I hope you’ll take to the comments to voice your opinions and learn a bit more about some of the prospects in the system. Worst case scenario, just copy whatever milanahalek says. She knows what she’s doing.

Oh, and since it’s likely I left someone off this list, write-ins are welcome. The cut-off is being 24 years old on the first day of the 2016-17 season. Happy ranking!