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Matt Nieto reportedly signs with the San Jose Sharks

Just a one year deal according to a Montreal reporter.

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-San Jose Sharks at Nashville Predators Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The San Jose Sharks have reportedly reached a one-year deal with restricted free agent Matt Nieto. The Sharks have not confirmed the deal yet, so we’re rolling with the information from the following tweet until then.

This extremely team-friendly deal leaves the Sharks with nearly $1 million in cap space according to General Fanager. Nieto may not be a player who regularly lights the lamp, but he’s an effective possession player and I’m a little surprised the Sharks were able to re-sign him at such a low rate.

Beyond the fact that I think Nieto is worth more than $735,000, it seems his qualifying offer should have been at least 105 percent of the salary of the previous season. That would put his minimum contract offer at $832,125, a solid $100,000 more than the contract he has reportedly signed.

There’s every possibility that Nieto did not sign for this amount of money and the source is bunk. I’ll hold off on judgment until I hear something official from the Sharks, at which point I’ll pass it along to you.