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Sharks re-sign Matt Nieto to one-year deal

NHL: San Jose Sharks at Toronto Maple Leafs John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

It looks like Long Beach native Matt Nieto™ has officially come to terms with the San Jose Sharks. First reported on July 15th, the Sharks had a press release today finally confirming what we all knew.

Courtesy of the Sharks press release, this is what Doug Wilson had to say about Nieto:

"Matt brings tremendous speed to our lineup and is someone that opposing teams must be aware of when he is on the ice, his quickness plays exactly into our team mentality and we feel that he played some of his most effective hockey down the stretch during our playoff run this past season."

While the forward had a drop in points last season, he is still a serviceable possession player. Any time you can find a bottom six option that can move play to your end of the ice, you should be pretty darn happy. General Fanager reports that Nieto will be making 735k this next year.

For what he is, that is a stellar deal for the Sharks. It is tough finding a spot in the lineup for him but even if he ends up being waiver bait, that cap hit won’t cripple your team especially on a one-year deal. Either way you slice it, the Nieto signing is a good deal.