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San Jose Sharks to appear on NBC Sports 11 times in 2016-17 season

The Sharks play the Kings four times on NBCSN.

San Jose Sharks v Los Angeles Kings - Game Five Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

NBC released its national broadcast schedule for the 2016-17 season today and the San Jose Sharks will be featured 11 times coming off their first ever Stanley Cup Final appearance. While the Sharks will not be broadcast on the main NBC network, they will find themselves a frequent guest on NBC Sports.

You can see the full NBC Sports schedule below. I’ve highlighted the Sharks games so you can find those more easily.

While some will certainly gripe about the lack of love for the Sharks on the national schedule, I’m selfishly pleased to see “just” 13 percent of San Jose’s games on NBC because of how frickin’ terrible the Live Extra streaming service is. For other out of market dwellers like me, watching on the slightly-less-bad NHL.TV is preferable.

But enough about me. The Sharks play Los Angeles four times on NBC Sports and Anaheim once. The only game between San Jose and the KIngs that won’t be on national television is the Dec. 31 contest at Staples Center. What do you think? Happy with the slate? Think it needs more Chicago? You’re right, it probably needs more Chicago.