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The Daily Chum: What was your first San Jose Sharks jersey?

The All-Star

San Jose Sharks v Detroit Red Wings - Game Six Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

“It’s a sweater,” says the bro from Palo Alto that absolutely saw snow near Lake Tahoe that one time. Alright, sweet, and I bet you call soccer football and strollers prams. That’s terrific and your comment on this article before you read it is truly stirring. I love it.

For the rest of us, jerseys are a special part of our fandom. Part of that is their rather exorbitant cost (especially if you want to save up to get an authentic jersey) and because committing to a player (if you choose to do so) is kind of a big deal. Or maybe it’s not for you. That’s why we’re here.

I own two Sharks jerseys. If you followed along on Twitter on Thursday morning you know my first jersey was a Dany Heatley special. I’d like to say there’s a really cool, fun story behind this but it actually had more to do with finances than anything else. The

Sharks had a sale on their authentic jerseys, buy one get one free I believe, and Heatley was one of the eligible players. My brother and I were big fans of the forward in our limited time religiously following the Sharks and we both decided to go in on a pair.

The second time, we went with our favorites. I picked up a Joe Pavelski jersey the year before they switched to the #NewWave threads and my brother nabbed a Patrick Marleau jersey. Both are great players and, not as importantly, these purchases ensure we won’t have to buy another one for a while. Good thing, too. This blogger thing doesn’t pay that well, turns out.

So what’s the story of your first Sharks jersey? Post pictures if you’ve got ‘em!