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The Daily Chum: Looking back at Logan Couture’s incredible postseason

Let’s watch some goals.

2016 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Six Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Maybe it’s selective memory, but it feels like I didn’t write much about Logan Couture during the postseason run. Sorry/you’re welcome Logan. To make up for that lack of Cooch content, let’s take a look at his five best goals from the 2016 postseason.

5. Burying that rebound

You might say this is the easiest goal Couture scored all year, but that means you haven’t seen him miss empty nets before. So I’m gonna call this one slick with some nice hands while Quick and Doughty are dead on the ice and Anze Kopitar is just kinda ... watching, I guess.

4. Couture’s deflection increases Sharks lead

I’m a sucker for deflections and Couture shows off his quick hands on this one to pad the Sharks’ lead.

3. Tip your pucks

The tip is great, but I love the work that went into this play before he puts it in the back of the net. The Sharks chased the puck around the zone, kept it in and then managed to score. Beautiful.

2. Couture gives Sharks a short-lived lead

So no, the Sharks didn’t hold on to win this game but at the time this felt like the Sharks’ biggest goal of the season. San Jose’s power play flexed its muscles with Couture taking a slapper to get it in.

1b. Celebrating early

The Sharks got out to a hot start against the Predators in game seven and Couture made sure that momentum didn’t swing the other way to start the second period.

1a. It’s all about the celly

Okay so this might be the easiest goal Couture scored all year, but this was the moment it finally sunk in. The Sharks were going to the Stanley Cup Final and Couture was living it up. I love this video a lot.