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The Daily Chum: Anaheim is a monstrosity and must be stopped

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I hate this so much.

Houston Astros  v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

If you follow my personal Twitter account, I’m sorry, first of all. Second of all, you know that I hate Anaheim sports more than any other sporting club on Earth. I’ve hated the Angels since 2002 and the Ducks since ... well, you remember.

As such it brings me a fair amount of pleasure to shit on the absolutely embarrassing aesthetic both of these clubs created for themselves. The Angels hate where they live so much that they now go by Los Angeles, a concept so laughable that we don’t even talk about it for fear of embarrassing the Halos into nonexistence.

And the Ducks? They so want to distance themselves from their Disney days that they’ve donned what are by far the ugliest jerseys worn in North America today. I’m all about black and orange, obviously, but the absolutely horrific design of what the Anaheim Mumps wear on any given night may in fact give me nightmares.

All that to say, I really, really enjoyed this particular disgusting, inbred piece of trash.

Jesus. As someone who has a fair amount of self awareness about the status of San Jose as a city, I can safely say I am so, so glad that we have a “city” like Anaheim in the league. God bless you miserable trainwrecks for the pangs of self esteem you gift us on a regular basis.

Also, I hate you.