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The Daily Chum: What do we think of the Sharks new logos?

Should this replace the Sharks current logo?

Now a day removed from the sort-of-kind-of released Sharks secondary logos, let’s take stock of what we’ve got. The three logos, all a variation of a tweaked shark design, will most likely end up on alternates or shoulder patches (though apparently not this season).

Some have shrewdly pointed out the Reebok contract with the NHL ends after this season with Adidas taking over jersey duties. That (probably) means every team will likely get at least some sort of update to their 2017-18 jerseys. Will these logos replace what the Sharks are currently utilizing?

According to the press release from the Sharks, no. At least...not for this season.

The marks will not be replacing the current logos; they are to be used in addition to the current logos. They will not be used on the 2016-17 jerseys.

Perhaps more importantly, should they replace the current main logo?

The Sharks have used some version of the above logo since the franchise’s inception in 1991 and it’s hard to imagine a San Jose jersey without the stick chomp on it. That being said, the logo that (I assume) would replace it is pretty darn slick...

So what do you think? I wouldn’t have a problem with this change, but I’m certain there won’t be anything resembling a consensus on this. Naturally, let’s do a poll.