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The Daily Chum: Sharks played not-so-great against Patrick Roy

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It’s not pretty.

Sharks v Avs X Roy

Following Patrick Roy’s shocking resignation as head coach of the Colorado Avalanche, I got to thinking about the Sharks’ record against Roy the player. These games happened long before I started regularly follow the Sharks, so I headed to the machine to do some research.

The results...were not pretty. Roy went 33-11-4 against the Sharks in his goaltending career, no doubt buoyed by playing against the expansion-era San Jose side. He also picked up a series win in the not-so-memorable 2002 playoff series against the Avs, but the Sharks did hang five goals on Roy in game one of that series.

San Jose’s biggest win over Roy came in a different playoff season. The Sharks scored six times against Roy to even the series at two games a piece. Colorado came back to win the next two games and eliminate the Sharks from the playoffs.

As usual, the NHL doesn’t have anything in the way of highlights from the ancient pre-lockout times, so I don’t have much to share with you in that regard. If you’ve got a favorite Roy memory, go ahead and share it — preferably if it includes him being humiliated by a San Jose goal scorer.