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The Daily Chum: What’s the best Sharks game you’ve ever been to?

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What’ve you got?

Nashville Predators v San Jose Sharks

The amazing comeback against the Kings at Staples Center, the moment the Sharks clinched their Stanley Cup Final berth and Joonas Donskoi’s overtime winner stack up as some of the best San Jose Sharks games in recent memory.

But what’s the best game you’ve ever seen in person? Was it an overtime playoff win? A regular season nailbiter? Or maybe a preseason beatdown of the Canucks is the best you’ve experienced live and in person.

We’ve already talked about our first Sharks game, so let’s get to story time about the best game we’ve seen in person. It took me a long time to see the Sharks win in person, so for me it’s got to be the game that broke my losing streak. I’ve never been to a San Jose playoff game (I know, I know) so a regular season contest will have to do.

On March 2, 2013 the Sharks beat the Predators 2-1 at SAP Center. San Jose scored in each of the first two periods but a third period goal by the Predators made for a nervy finish. I’d never been so nervous at a Sharks game before — they’d come close to winning before, but always found a way to drop the result.

So yeah, my celebration probably outdid what’s reasonable for a regular season victory. Whatever. I hope most of you have a better story than this — so let’s see it in the comments. Post the highlights to the game if they’re available!