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The Daily Chum: Let’s do a Sharks mailbag

Answering your Sharks questions! Yes, even though it’s August.

Anaheim Ducks v Colorado Avalanche Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Starting today I’ll be answering your San Jose Sharks questions on Mondays in this here mailbag. To get your questions answered, you’re best off emailing me by Sunday at around 10 p.m. PT, but I’ll accept Twitter questions as well. This is a bit of a light week, but let’s get to it.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Boedker on the second unit of the power play, but don’t expect to see him on the penalty kill. His possession numbers just aren’t good enough to justify putting him out there.

Schlemko is another guy that I think would be well-suited to the power play if for no other reason than it gets Marc-Edouard Vlasic out of it. He could spend time killing penalties, too, but my guess is he brings the most value to the power play.

Great question — we have no proof that an actual horcrux can’t cast a patronus. For instance, had Nagini not been an evil serpent, perhaps she could have cast one herself!

One of these days Joe Thornton will actually take a step backwards, but I’m unlikely to bet on it before the season begins. He’s been so good for so long that I honestly feel he’ll still be quite productive next season and for just about as long as he wants to play.

I think Timo Meier will play with them next season, but wouldn’t be shocked if they leave Tomas Hertl there to play Chris Tierney at 3C (which would be a mistake in my opinion).

Well the expansion draft (June 21) will happen before free agency starts next summer, but if you mean waiting to extend guys like Brent Burns and the like until after...I’d say no. As it stands now the Sharks aren’t really at risk of losing someone particularly valuable, so I’d make moves based on building the team, not worrying about the expansion draft.

That’s it for this week! If you want to get your questions in for next Monday, shoot me an email: or follow me on Twitter @FearTheFin.