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The Daily Chum: Will the Sharks factor into the Jimmy Vesey sweepstakes?

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Eh, probably not.

2016 Hobey Baker Memorial Award Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Jimmy Vesey can officially sign an NHL contract today, which means fans of all 30 teams are at least vaguely interested in acquiring the services of the young forward. So, let’s take a look at what the Sharks would be getting if they do sign Vesey to an entry level deal.

Vesey scored 46 points in 33 games with Harvard last season and will be an NHL-ready forward once signed. Originally drafted by the Nashville Predators, Vesey’s rights were traded to the Buffalo Sabres when the Preds realized they wouldn’t be able to sign him. He did not sign with Buffalo either, apparently wanting to test free agency according to his agent.

"Jimmy, he really is an interesting kid. He has been very quiet about it. He hasn't talked much about it," Fish told Yahoo. "… I think Jimmy just can't wait to see all the options, hear everybody out and make his decision and then move on."

The Sharks are not among the shortlist the above article mentions, but it stands to reason they’ll at least make a phone call. San Jose’s credentials are pretty straight forward: they just played in a Stanley Cup Final and are looking for someone to put them over the top next year. Will that sway Vesey? Eh, I tend to doubt it, but Doug Wilson wouldn’t be doing his job if he doesn’t make a call.

Salary cap space is certainly a concern and the Sharks would need to make a move to be salary cap compliant. Right now San Jose has under a million dollars available, though I anticipate the Sharks are looking to move somebody even if they don’t make another acquisition.

So Vesey is a guy the Sharks should make a call on, will likely be rebuffed by, and continue on their way. If they can get him, they should make it work. He’s a talented forward who seems to have an NHL future, but I don’t love their chances of signing him. They’ll survive.