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World Cup of Hockey 2016: Get to know Team North America’s Goaltenders

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2016 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Six Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Team North America has a couple of 2016 standouts in net that should be of interest to Sharks fans. Most notably are the Penguins’ playoff hero, Matt Murray, and 2016-17 Ducks starter John Gibson.


John Gibson

Anaheim Ducks’ goalie John Gibson is well known to the Sharks. He’s played at least three games for the Ducks in the last three seasons. The Ducks had enough confidence in Gibson to trade Frederik Andersen, perhaps in part because of his .920 save percentage.

Matt Murray

Marc-Andre Fleury’s protege stole the show for the Penguins in the 2016 playoffs, putting up impressive numbers and playing a huge role in getting them a Stanley Cup Final victory. Murray appeared in 21 playoff games and 13 regular season games. He had a .923 save percentage in the former and a .930 in the latter. I would expect Murray to get most of the starts for Team North America.

Connor Hellebuyck

The Winnipeg Jets’ goaltender does not have a whole lot of NHL experience, and with Murray and Gibson on the roster he’ll probably spend all of his time on the bench. However, the 23 year old shows some promise with a .918 save percentage in 26 games played for a not very good Jets team.

Group: B (Team Finland, Team North America, Team Russia, Team Sweden)

First Game: Team North America vs. Team Finland, 5 p.m. PT, ESPN2