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The Daily Chum: Nepotism and Niklas Sundstrom

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I’m pressed for time and there’s fire everywhere.

Avalanche v Sharks Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images/NHLI

Full disclosure: There is a pretty ginormous fire near my house and it took me five hours to drive to work today, so this one’s going to be pretty brief. Let’s talk about my favorite hockey playing Sundstrom for a minute.

Niklas Sundstrom scored 137 points in 281 games with the San Jose Sharks and was my first “favorite” member of team teal because that’s how things work when you find out a professional athlete has the same name as you.

Since Sundstrom left the Sharks, only Johan Sundstrom has played in the NHL. He played just 11 games with the New York Islanders and is now playing back in Sweden. Honestly, the most important thing about all this is that no Sundstroms in the NHL means I can’t have Doc Emerick call my name in NHL 17.

So...listen, the ship has sailed on my NHL career...but if some other Sundstrom wants to go out there and get it done, I’d appreciate it. Thanks for your time and please send good vibes to those affected by this shitty death fire from hell.

Hopefully tomorrow’s Chum will suck less than this one.