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The Daily Chum: Martin Jones has another cool mask

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Finally, a goalie with a sense of style.

San Jose Sharks v Los Angeles Kings - Game One Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Martin Jones had a pretty darn cool mask last year that celebrated the San Jose Sharks’ 25th anniversary. Now with no such anniversary to celebrate, Jones was free to get a new lid with an all new design. He didn’t disappoint.

New season, new mask for Martin Jones. by @eyecandyair

A video posted by San Jose Sharks (@sanjosesharks) on

The new mask is all decked out in Sharks, often in light colors that you wouldn’t notice unless you got up close. On the right hand side is a large sticking-chomping Sharks logo and on the other is the stylized SJ that the organization has used for many years.

Additionally, the entire mask is made to look as if it’s sewn together. So you’ve got laces on the front and seams and stitching on the back. It gives it a bit of a retro look and plays well with the orange piping that runs on either side.

My favorite part of the mask is the big white shark on the back, though I’m also a big fan of the sparkles on the main Sharks logo on the right side. What do you think? An improvement on last year? Or are you already eagerly awaiting next year’s creation?

Let’s open it up: Share your favorite goalie mask in the comments.