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Breaking T relaunches Captain Pavelski shirt

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In celebration of him becoming the actual Captain America

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If you missed out on grabbing one of these slick Captain Joe Pavelski shirts the first time around and want something to celebrate him being named captain of Team’re in luck.

Breaking T is re-releasing the popular teal shirts and you can pick yours up right now, right here. They’ll be available in limited quantity so if you’re wanting to get your hands on one, I’d act quickly.

As always, when you buy a Fear the Fin t-shirt from Breaking T (by using the above link) you’re helping out the site in addition to putting good clothing on your body. I can wholly vouch for the quality and comfort of all of these shirts, in particular the Captain Pavelski one which I wear pretty regularly.

If you’d like to get reimbursed for your shipping costs (and obviously you do), just take a picture of yourself wearing the shirt and send it to the BreakingT Twitter account (@BreakingT). And make sure you send one our way, too! We love to see Sharks fans in our gear.