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The Daily Chum: Can you name all the Sharks since 2005-06?

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Probably not.

Detroit Red Wings v San Jose Sharks - Game One Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

A total of 144 players have suited up for the San Jose Sharks for at least one game over the past decade. Can you name them all? I... certainly could not, so thankfully this wasn’t a performance review.

I’m forgetful, so I hope the many, many former Sharks won’t have their feelings hurt because I missed them on my first go through the following quiz. I imagine many of you will best by measly 70 out of 144 score, so see if you can name all 144 in the Sporcle quiz below.

Without cheating, obviously. Don’t you care about the sanctity of the game? How will you be able to live with yourself? Okay, post your score in the comments. The winner gets the reward of an honesty 20 minutes worth of work. Good for you.

Thanks to Twitter user Ben Yelin for sharing this excellent quiz with me. Maybe we’ll make these quizzes a recurring feature.