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San Jose Sharks unveil 2016-17 promotional schedule

There’s some good stuff here.

The Sharks released the promotional schedule for the upcoming season and it looks like San Jose season ticket holders (or any other independently wealthy person, I guess) are in for a treat. Themed jerseys, t-shirts and a Martin Jones bobblehead highlight the promotional slate, which you can find in the tweet below.

All fans in attendance will receive each of the promotional items. The slate includes two bobbleheads (Jones and Brent Burns) a Chia Joe Thornton and a Joe Pavelski action figure. Other highlights include the Golden Seals throwback shirt and the Sharks/Star Wars mashup jersey (the design hasn’t been released yet).

What do you think? Favorite giveaway? Disappointed that they’re not giving away a Brent Burns Wookiee mask? I’m sure you’re not alone.