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New secondary Sharks logos released for 2016-17 season

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Looking good.

It looks like the Sharks will have some new secondary logos for the upcoming season. Friend of the Blog Kevin Kurz was the first to share the images, which have yet to be confirmed by the team as far as I can tell. Check it.

I love these. The Shark looks ferocious and will look fantastic on San Jose’s teal jerseys. I’d also like to get one of these logos on a hat, so...hurry up and take my money, Sharks.

Brodie Brazil also shared the logos along with the following interesting tidbit:

It’s cool the Sharks got the original artist involved in updating the look. Perhaps this means a fully updated set of logos is on the way?

I’ll share images of the logos on Sharks apparel once it’s released. I figure they’ll replace the shoulder patches you see below.

2016 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Six Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

What do you think of the new secondary logos? Is there an update to the Sharks main logo coming?

UPDATE: Kurz now saying these logos are unlikely to be on a jersey for this season...disappointing if that’s true.

UPDATE 2: The Sharks have (finally) officially announced the new logos. They restate these logos will not be replacing the current logos and will be used solely in a promotional capacity in the upcoming season.

The marks will not be replacing the current logos; they are to be used in addition to the current logos. They will not be used on the 2016-17 jerseys.